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Habitational coverage for homeowners, condo owners and tenants

Protect your liability and your most valued assets

Why do you need habitational insurance? The minute someone sets foot onto your property, you become responsible for any injury they might sustain. If you cause damage to the building you are renting or to other people’s property, you’ll also be liable.

CHAT Insurance offers efficient home insurance coverage from several leading insurance companies in Ontario. You get a lot more than a price when you contact us for a quote; you gain access to your very own CHAT Insurance broker, who can walk you through the quote process, answer any questions you may have and suggest coverage options that you might have overlooked.

What Habitational Insurance Covers

No two insurance policies are the same. Coverage limits, exclusions and amounts will differ according to your needs and to the insurer issuing the policy.

  1. You can choose how extensive your coverage is. Comprehensive home insurance covers more situations than Named-perils, which covers more than broad or no frills home insurance, which we will rarely recommend.
  2. Perils are the technical word that refers to situations the insurance covers. Examples are fire, lightning, theft and vandalism.
  3. Third-party liability coverage is handy whenever a third-party, someone other than you, is injured or when their personal property is damaged (a landlord’s building, a guest that falls down your stairs…). This coverage is not limited to your home; it’s effective anywhere in the world.
  4. Your policy also covers your personal property, up to the amount stated and subject to certain limitations, and any additional living expenses should you be forced out of your home following a claim.
  5. Finally, you might need optional coverage if you want earthquake or sewer backup protection, or if you own valuables that need to be insured separately.

Your CHAT Insurance broker will guide you through every step of the way to help you make the right decisions and save on your insurance.

Condo Owners and Tenants

  • Condo owners do not own the building they live in. They are insured for their liability, personal property, additional living expenses and any home improvement or upgrades they have undertaken. Condo owners will be required to contribute financially to the condo corporation’s insurance policy, which will cover any damage to the building itself.
  • Whether you are renting a house, a condo or an apartment, you’ll need tenant insurance, unless you are a student and you are already covered on your parent’s home insurance policy. Tenants just need to cover their liability, personal property, and additional living expenses, as they do not own the building they live in.

Have any questions about home insurance? Are you looking to insure a mobile home, a seasonal dwelling or a rented dwelling? Call a CHAT insurance broker today at (905) 415-1188.


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