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Commercial insurance adapted to your business reality

We insure a number of business owners and entrepreneurs from the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities that need to protect their business from unmanageable situations, such as a fire or an expensive lawsuit. Whether you have a home-based business, are leasing a space or own a commercial space, you should have coverage that is suited to your particular situation and industry.

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A CHAT Insurance broker can help you select the best available coverage for your building, your inventory, your revenues, your liability, your staff and your employees. We can also provide you with group benefits and life insurance for key members of your staff.

How CHAT Insurance can help you

  • Our brokers will examine thoroughly your needs and current coverage to identify any insurance gaps and provide the most extensive coverage we can.
  • Our brokers already work with several businesses like yours and understand what coverage is essential for business owners like yourself.
  • We also provide on-demand a number of useful coverage options to protect your professional liability as an administrator, your inventory and a lot more.

To get an estimate or to examine your current coverage, please contact a CHAT Insurance broker at (905) 415-1188.

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