Making an Insurance Claim

Accidents can be overwhelming. At CHAT Insurance, we want to make the claims process less stressful. If you have been in a collision or are dealing with damage to your home, contact us at (905) 415-1188 during office hours. You can also fill out our Claims Forms below and submit them along with photographs to If you need emergency assistance, you'll find the contact information of your insurers below. 

First, Are You Okay?

Make sure you and all parties involved are OK. Stay calm and call the appropriate emergency services if needed. Then secure the area, whether you're on the road or at home. If it's safe, remove any valuable belongings from probable harm, without risking injury to yourself. 

Retrieve your insurance policy and go over the details to see if the situation you are experiencing is covered. Jot down all details you remember, take photos of the accident, and keep a list of damaged personal items. This will help make the claim process easier. 

Make Your Claim

1. Claims Forms

Please fill out the appropriate form and submit it along with photographs to

2. Call Your Insurer

Call your insurer’s toll-free line to initiate your claim. Make sure you have all necessary information on-hand. Once your claim is filed, the claims adjuster will tell you what you are entitled to immediately, like additional living expenses or a replacement vehicle if your car is in the shop.

Emergency Claims Numbers 



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