Home InsuranceApril 20, 2021

The Most Overlooked Family Member under your Home Insurance

Raising a cute puppy at home can bring a lot of joy to the whole family, but it also requires a lot of responsibilities. Lawsuits triggered by pet bites and injures have consistently topped the list of housing insurance claims.

The hospital is usually the one to decide the amount of compensation based on the person’s injury whether it be minor drug compensations or severe compensations such as payment for medical, rehabilitation and loss of income expenses. For those who have suffered serious injuries, the amount of compensation may reach hundreds of thousands and even millions of Canadian dollars. According to compensation cases in the past, the average compensation for pet bites in Ontario is about $30,000.

The Ontario Court of Appeals defined a pet owner as the person who owns or controls the pet in a pet bite lawsuit in 2018. This means that even if you temporarily foster ap et or help a friend walk their dog, you need to bear in mind the corresponding responsibilities.

Proper training may help pets interact safely with humans, but cannot completely prevent accidental damage to others. In the event of an accident, your house insurance as well as the “legal liability” in your condo or tenant insurance can protect legal action against pet owners.

In a standard house insurance application form, there are questions specifically asking about the number and breed of dogs in your home. Every housing insurance does not ask these questions but as long as this information is not being purposely concealed, future insurance claims will not be affected. However, actively disclosing this information and providing truthful statements can ensure that the insurance purchased will provide useful in the event of an accident. When applying for housing insurance we must not forget our special family members!

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